Architecture abound on the Cote D’Azur.

I had the chance to go to Monaco. Just to see how the other half live!This summer (2016), I had the chance to go to Monaco. Just to see how the other half live!

Cars, yachts and new Architecture were everywhere, as this tiny principality struggles to maintain its uniqueness, as it slowly expands almost to a point of bursting.

But a pleasant and quite little spot I found close to the man made beech was the Japanese Garden. All the noise from the city seemed to just drift away.

From Monaco we took a quick trip across the border to San Remo. Just to get a little Italian respite really!

The day started off well with good weather but soon led to threatening clouds followed by a huge thunder storm.

With the fast changing right it gave me a chance to use the Fuji X-E1 which has been converted with a 720Nm IR filter. With a little editing in Lightroom to enhance the typical IR look… Blues become BLACK Greens become WHITE and to enhance it still further drop the clarity and add some grain! Of course a faux IR can be achieve direct from a FAW file Ill leave that for another time!

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There has been an interesting turn of events as many photographers I see returning back to the good old days by using film cameras.

Many that I read have invested in some really neat gear Leica, Nikon and small compacts such as Rollei, Olympus Trip and Contax. Also that some are looking to new formats like medium and large format. There’s never been a better time than to check out the used camera sellers online for prices especially for the medium format camera. There are plenty out there such as the Rolleiflex, Mamiya and Yashica all in good working order I might add. These cameras were built to last.

For me I bought a Yashica D in excellent condition and couldn’t wait to test it out at the earliest opportunity. With no internal light metering system I had to rely on a light meter which I later found out was probably about 1 stop out! That didn’t bother me as you can see i was able to make the adjustments in Lightroom from the scans after I got the processed film back from the local camera stop. Using Ilford XP2 400 film, as I prefer the very contrast images that this film produces. Everyone’s talking about Acros though, maybe because of Fuji’s filter option in the Latest X-T2 and XPro2 cameras! Thats something I have got to check out…

So here are the results nothing really outstanding just a good set of solid images with good exposure. All taken at The Battersea Park on beautiful clear sunny winters day. One thing I found – Using medium format, does slow you down, which is not a bad thing! Making you think about composition and light. Yes film processing can be expensive which is another reason to consider each shot extensively and to ‘slow down’ when using film cameras. Unless of course you are commissioned!

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Here’s to the next 120 roll when I’m going to push the 400 rated film a couple of stops to see what results I get!

Working with a new Format. There has been an interesting turn of events as many photographers I see returning back to the good old days by using film cameras.
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The first post.

This blog has been created for the workshops of the Live and Uncut workshop, to allow them to share their thoughts, tips, something they have learnt recently, a storyline associated that is associated with the published 5 photos. I hope too that we might be able to persuade some professional photographers to promote their work, new projects, a workshop or a tour, a book, maybe an exhibition of… View On WordPress
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